by @boardiacs


Welcome to BoardGuessr (#)!

You've been dropped in an unfamiliar location!

You must rely on your boardgame knowledge to find out where you are :)

Walk around, gather clues as to your whereabouts and try to guess the board game related to your location in order to win! Good luck! :)


Congratulations! You've won this week's BoardGuessr (#)!

You had a look around, you analyzed the clues and found the board game, good job!

You can screenshot to share your result and don't forget to tag @boardiacs and friends you would like to play with:


If you haven't already, you can play the game from the week before HERE.

A new BoardGuessr will be available starting Tuesday night at midnight in your local timezone.


That's not it!

Your guess "" is incorrect, but you can keep trying. Have a better look around!